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Twelve in 2012.

I can’t believe that the year is over. I’ve had a pretty good year, health complications aside. The highlights would definitely have to be my sister’s marriage and my transition from student to working professional.

With 2012 only hours away I thought I should comment on my “New Years Resolutions”. I never really sit down and think about the things I want to do in the coming year, but I for sure think to myself “ohh, wouldn’t it be nice if…”. The problem I’ve found in the past is that the excitement or motivation to actually pursue those “ohhh-ahhhh” thoughts quickly fizzles by the time February rolls around. That stinks.

My recent health complications and cancer scares have left me not just motivated to make change but really reflecting (“if I don’t improve my health…”). I am a list kind of girl; as a student, as a part time employee, a working professional, as just an everyday girl, lists help me get things done. It seems natural to make a list of things I want to accomplish in 2012…

…sooooo, without further adieu here is my Twelve in 2012, the twelve things I wish to accomplish or chip at this coming year:

  1. Find a full-time, permanent job…that I enjoy. Right now I am working fulltime in a hospital in Toronto as a researcher. I love what I’m doing and see myself pursing the same kind of work in the future. The only problem is that the group that I work with only hires on contract. My contract has been renewed 3 times so far, since I started in May 2011. While I really enjoy the people and my work, it is really frustrating not to have stability. I’m actively looking for work in the same field, conducting the same or similar research, but on a full-time permanent basis. Wish me luck because the job market is not too great right now for us folk with science degrees.
  2. Get healthier. Ever since November 2009 my health has been a tornado, to say the least. My body is in fight mode, I’m always sick. I’m sure my health concerns will emerge in my blogging but, in short, I’m not healthy. I could have said that I wanted to “lose weight” or “get active”, which I do and in working towards better health I no doubt will, but that isn’t the point. The point is to be healthy. I have several risk factors for chronic disease and I am very young. It is about time I became in control of my health; this is an ongoing struggle.
  3. De-clutter. I live at home and my bedroom happens to be the smallest in the house. When I was in school, I was too busy studying and stressing about assignments and exams to let the clutter bother me. I spent quite a fair deal of my time studying in libraries on campus or at cafes (Second Cup, how I heart thee) and when I got home I did not want to lift a finger re-organizing my room. It is not dirty and it doesn’t smell, but it is definitely cluttered. Now that I have more free time on my hands, and I’m spending more time at home, the clutter is really getting to me.
  4. Run a half marathon. I’ve always wanted to do this. The pictures I’ve seen of runners sprinting through the finish line just seems like such a liberating and exhilarating experience. I’m not in any physical shape to run the stairs without getting winded, let alone running a half marathon. It would be such an accomplishment for me to even get close to running 21 km.
  5. Be debt free (& save some dough). As a recent graduate I have student debt. It sucks. My boyfriend and I have plans to invest in a home, to get married, to travel, and to just live life. It is hard to save money when most of what we could save goes into paying off our debts.
  6. Go skydiving. For about 4 years now I’ve dreamt of jumping off a plane… ‘nuff said 🙂
  7. Blog regularly (& honestly). Before this blog, I kept a blog about my disordered eating and it was really hard for me to blog regularly and be completely honest about my feelings and eating habits. I would never lie in my posts, but I definitely didn’t share the ‘whole picture’ because I was embarrassed and ashamed at my downfalls and failures. I don’t know where this blog will end up but I’m keepin’ it kosher.
  8. Fundraise for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. I blogged about signing up for the 10th annual, 2012 walk. My boyfriend and I will be doing the walk together and we each need to raise $2000 to be able to participate in the walk. It would be great if we could, together, fundraise $5000 and exceed our cumulative threshold by 20%.
  9. Read more. When I was in University much of what I was read I was told to read. And most of the time what I read were textbooks or lengthy scientific journal articles. I’ve always enjoyed a good book. For my birthday this year, my sister and brother-in-law bought me a Kobo e-reader so this is a perfect opportunity to cozy up with a good book.
  10. Re-learn French. Je veux parle francais. (I likely made a mistake there).  In high school, I took core French all four years. In Ontario, it is not required to study French past grade 9 but highschools offered a core French class every year for those interested. When I started University, I didn’t use a lick of my French and since then I’ve lost that je ne sais quoi. I really want to rekindle my appreciation for the French language this year.
  11. Experiment with a gluten-free diet. My boyfriend is gluten intolerant. In fact, he may be celiac but for us to be entirely sure he’d have to reintroduce gluten into his diet for the diagnostic tests to pick up on it. He has been gluten-free for about 8 months now and he feels a million times better than ever, so reintroducing gluten into his diet is not an option. I’d like to experiment with gluten-free recipes during this year, and maybe even limit gluten in my diet.
  12. Become a Certified Associate in Project Management. The CAPM designation was created for individuals who are interested in the Project Managment Professional (PMP) designation but who do not have enough project managment experience to be eligible to complete the PMP designation…people like me 🙂 I’ve purchased the material required and have been “studying”…ehm… in preparation for the CAPM exam.

Wow! Looks like I’m going to have quite a busy year.

Wish me luck!!!

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