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Caught up in a name

This week Toronto (and the GTA) got its very first real snow fall. Crazy, eh?

I definitely felt that the ‘Christmas Spirit’ wasn’t as it usually was this year. It just hasn’t been as festive… I had a very low key holiday this year – which is fine by me, I needed to relax.

I did catch myself thinking about what I want this blog to be about over the past few days. My first blog was about overcoming my emotional and disordered eating. It really got me into blogging and it allowed me to express myself, even though very few (or, maybe no one) read the posts. The problem with that blog, I found, was that it forced me to deal with my irrational eating habits head on and I don’t think that I was quite ready to do that at that time so the pleasure of blogging was taken away. Plus the thought about blogging about my feelings and emotions about food quickly became a source of anxiety. It was a sign that I had to give up that blog until maybe I was ready to really deal with my problem in a public forum.

With a name like “I’d Rather Sleep” – which I came up with when I had a creative itch (really late at night) and really just wanted to write – I feel like I can blog about whatever I feel like, but my inclination is to blog about what I’m most passionate about (and what I most struggle with) and that is food and body image. Does the blog name relate to the topic? Perhaps…some days I sure would rather sleep than deal with my emotions that force me to eat…but I don’t to get too caught up in a name.

We are only 4 sleeps away from New Years, so we’ll see what 2012 brings for me, my health, and this blog…

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